No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy. I joined Hello Games during the final year of development of No Man’s Sky and shipped the game. I was promoted to Lead Gameplay Programmer after the release and shipped the updates Foundation and Pathfinder, and worked for a month in the Atlas Rises update.


Tasks I did during the development of the game:

  • Gameplay: Worked closely with designers to prototype and implement different weapons, sole programmer and designer of the Base Building System and procedural buildings, implemented a persistence system to storage persistent changes to the Universe (opened crates, interacted entities, etc.); design, implementation, and balancing of the new ship and weapon class system, worked with the designers to change the economic system of the planets and make sure the progression is balanced.
  • AI: Worked with the main AI programmer improving and expanding the existing behavior trees of the creatures, and added the petting system.
  • Graphics and effects: Created full screen and per object effects, new atmosphere particle system, scanning effects, and multiple materials and different colours for Base Building objects.
  • User Interface: Worked making new pages or modifying existing ones for the updates (new ship and weapon class system, mission viewer, travel log, weapon/ship compare page…).
  • Tools: Created different tools to support the new functionalities and help designers and other programmers quickly prototyping, make changes to them and visualize important data.