Broken Puppet

Physical based gameplay videogame with a dark atmosphere and my Master’s degree project. The main character uses strings to interact with a fully physical enviroment and solve different puzzles. We used a custom engine with C++ and DirectX 11, with a few libraries including Physx, FMOD, SLB and Cal3D.


Tasks I did during the development of the game:

  • Engine: Design and implementation of a C++ component based engine, memory and asset management, sound manager, profiling, optimization and debugging.
  • Systems: NVidia Physx, DirectX 11, FMOD Studio and Cal3D integration. Creation of a 3DStudio Max tool to export all the assets and scenes as binary files.
  • Gameplay: Implementation of the main gameplay mechanics (strings to tie physic entities), design and implementation of a scripting system made with LUA to control the gameplay actions and allow quicker prototyping of scenes.
  • Design: Worked with the rest of the team to design the main features and mechanics. Worked with artists to design a modular solution to create scenes and environments, based on the ones used on the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series. Worked with other programmers to balance the physics values of the main mechanic and design the behaviour tree of the enemies of the game.
  • Graphics and effects: Design and implementation of a deferred rendering pipeline, PBR materials, translucent materials, particle systems (and object instancing) and different post processing effects (screen space reflections, blur, silhouette highlight…). All shaders made with HLSL.
  • Tools: Particle Editor Tool, 3DS Max asset and prefab management tool, scene editor.