Hunt Showdown

Hunt is the first purely multiplayer game by Crytek. It mixes PvE and PvP elements with a uniquely tense experience.… Read more Hunt Showdown

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy. I joined Hello Games during… Read more No Man’s Sky

Broken Puppet

Physical based gameplay videogame with a dark atmosphere and my Master’s degree project. The main character uses strings to interact… Read more Broken Puppet

Doodle Planet

Doodle Planet its an arcade 2D game with doodling aesthetics where you have to help the Earth develop and defend… Read more Doodle Planet

Project Moebius

3D spaceship combat videogame developed for Windows Phone 7. Fight three different factions in six scenarios and share your score… Read more Project Moebius

Tap Soccer

Tap Soccer is a bottlecap soccer game for Android, developed using the AndEngine framework and Box2D. The game has a… Read more Tap Soccer

Make it Roll: Toilet paper fun

A casual management game where you have to swipe the toilet paper roll to make paper. Why? To get enought… Read more Make it Roll: Toilet paper fun

Flappy Flip

Flappy Flip is an arcade game based in the popular mobile game Flappy Bird. We added two difficulty modes (easy… Read more Flappy Flip

Universidad de Alcalá App

My final degree project, the official app of the Universidad de Alcalá. It is a web-app, developed using Phonegap and… Read more Universidad de Alcalá App


Shadertool is an open source node-based shader editor that allows to easily make basic operations and transformations (binary operations, kernel… Read more Shadertool